Much more than a Marvel movie

By Jazmine Green

When you think of superhero movies, I bet the first thing that comes to mind is Batman and Superman. Or some new superhero that arose and Marvel made another movie telling their life story. Black Panther is not your typical superhero movie. This movie has multiple heroes and multiple enemies, with many conflicts between them, without needing to rely on superpowers.

It takes a while to fully understand what this movie is about. As it progresses more into the story, the plot begins to pan out more. Black Panther is about a man named T’Challa who takes his rightful place on the throne after his father’s death. T’Challa is honored, both as king and the Black Panther, in his nation of Wakanda (Africa). A powerful enemy appears to overthrow T’Challa, thinking he is not fit to be the Black Panther.

In my opinion, I can say that I have two favorite parts out of the whole movie. The very first action packed scene when Okoya, Nakia and T’Challa are chasing the enemy. I believe that this is what added more action to the movie and made it more enjoyable. My second favorite part is when T’Challa comes back in the last battle to fight for his title back. This is how the audience understands that this movie isn’t a typical superhero movie. There are many heroes who help to protect the nation of Wakanda.

If you’ve never seen a Marvel or DC movie before, I wouldn’t recommend seeing this movie first. But if you want to see an action movie, with thrills, comedic scenes, cliffhangers and great music, you should. Black Panther is a great movie to see.

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