Pirate Block: How will clubs work this year?

On September 14, Riverside administration announced that the club plan has been finalized and is ready for student attendance.

“We are ready to begin hosting student clubs during Lunch/Pirate Block,” Assistant Principal Will Okun wrote in a recent email to Riverside’s faculty. 

The new club schedule depends on when the supervising teacher has their Pirate Block. Upstairs teachers have A lunch and downstairs teachers have B lunch. Okun said that clubs will meet during one lunch or the other.

 “The student will go to the teacher of that Pirate Block and say ‘The Uno club meets right now and here’s my pass for that club,” Okun said. “If you have an A or a B [in the class] the teacher will let you take that pass to leave the block and go to the club. Or if you’re in the lunchroom at that time you’ll be able to leave the lunchroom and go to that club.” 

A few clubs have started to meet during lunch. The QSA meeting that happened Thursday the 14 will be used as a model for other clubs to follow. 

“We will use Ms. Allman’s QSA club meeting as an example to help illustrate the process,” Okun wrote.

Anna Allman is the teacher advisor for the QSA at Riverside.

“QSA’s first interest meeting was Thursday and it was during A lunch,” Allman said. 

QSA are ready for the new school year, their specialized club passes are printed and they’re ready for students to attend. 

Allman is excited about the new school year and the future of the QSA.

 “I feel great,” she said. “I’m really optimistic.”

A full list of every club available at Riverside is linked at the bottom of the page. It includes the clubs, their teacher advisors, the rooms they’re hosted in, the days they are happening, and the lunch period they take place in.

Pirate block resources for students and teachers:

Information sheet

Club list

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