Mystery and Masquerade: Prom 2023 In Pictures

1: Riverside’s Prom Queen Janika Bunch and King Arliss Butler, 2: Riverside’s Orchestra performs in entryway, 3: Mask decor, 4: Mia Allard-Spink, Louisa Jenniches, and Rachel Ades, 5: Checking into Prom with tickets, 6: Students on the dance floor, 7: Landon Futrell and Otto Schonwalder, 8: Dr. Gloria Woods-Weeks dancing, 9: Tai’Sean Moore performs a song, 10: Students dancing, 11: The dessert section, 12: Louisa Jenniches and Bella Mitchell, 13: Christian Dillahunt, David Mack, JaQuan Garner, 14: Students dancing together, 15: Marcello Luftig, Myles Ettu, Grace Sloop, Savannah Lewis, and Nicholas Nonnemaker, 16: Junior princess nominees Mia Florand, Divinity Gooch, Aniyah Mangum, Jasmine Matthews, and Taylor Scott, 17: Junior princess Taylor Scott and prince Francisco Forester, 18: Prom Queen Janika Bunch, 19: Prom King nominees Elijah Clark, Arliss Butler, Elliot Dewire, and Jack Weinard, 20: Prom Queen Janika Bunch during crowning

Photos by Lana McIlvaine

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