Students and teachers react to SMART lunch changes

The following quotes are from students and teachers voicing their opinions on the recent changes made to the lunch schedule:

“I just want to go back to the regular SMART lunch… so I can see all my friends.” – Kamari Barnes, 9th 

“It affects the ability to have students come to my club, Black Student Union… it becomes this dichotomy between who can drive to school and who can’t.” – Nadia Molina, 12th

Students eat lunch in the cafeteria during B-Lunch. Photo by Isaac Janiak Stein

“I’ll be late to third period every day. I’m taking a Durham Tech class so now I’ll be 20-25 minutes late.” – Sophie Ganter, 12th grade

“This makes it harder for people who have to seek tutoring.” – Elijah Bethel, 10th 

Assistant Principal Daryl Bradshaw redirects students away from the cafeteria doors. Photo by Isaac Janiak Stein

“Personally I think it’s a weird way to cut the times just because of a fight… They are trying to protect us but I don’t think it’s going to change anything.” – Raya Agborbesong, 9th

“There was no teacher or parent involvement in the decision yesterday.”  – Mira Prater, English teacher

Students eat outside the cafeteria during C-Lunch. Photo by Isaac Janiak Stein

“I feel like we should be having SMART lunch and penalize the people that were getting in trouble.” – Nnamdi Ogboko, 11th 

“There was essentially a stampede. Ms. Watson had to push my back against the wall.” [referring to an incident on Thursday] – Mira Prater, English teacher

“For me, it’s really not that big of a deal. I’m still getting my time to do work or missing assignments or whatever I need to do.” – Armando Morales, 9th

Students enter the cafeteria for C-Lunch. Photo by Isaac Janiak Stein

“My high school had the pilot version of what SMART lunch is when I was in high school, and I know that temporarily there would be times when we would lose it because of fights or other various disruptions. And it’s definitely a big liability so I understand from a legal standpoint completely how she understands and sets up lunch to be the three-lunch system. But I know that this is not an easy decision because it obviously affects so many people.” – Laura Brady, English teacher

“The imposition of collective punishment for individual action is against article 87 of the Geneva Convention.” – Alexander Penn, 12th 

Students return to class after lunch. Photo by Isaac Janiak Stein

“There’s still some details that we have to work out, how we are going to do clubs and things like that, but it was a little calmer I must say [on if the new plan will address the fighting]… I do know if we don’t have the whole school population out at one time, just from the number game [fighting] should be happening less.” – David Robinson, CTE teacher

“I don’t have friends here.” – Yvaiyoyio Kizilo, 10th 

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