Riding the wave

Jenna Maloy’s decision to join Riverside’s swim team changed her life forever

By Tyler McLean

Jenna Maloy’s passion and determination make her a unique member of the class of 2021.

In a big school like Riverside, it can be tough for freshmen to find their place. For Maloy, joining the swim team made her feel at home.

“I joined the swim team because I had never done a school sport before,” Maloy said. “Swimming is my passion and I thought it would be another fun way for me to compete in the pool.”

That decision to join the team turned into an accomplished high school swimming career, including qualifying for the state finals in the 200 Intermediate Relay.

“My biggest inspiration is probably my team,” she said. “It is very much like a family and [my teammates] are very encouraging and supportive. They push themselves every day in practice and that makes me want to work just as hard.”

Maloy made good use of her time outside the water, too. She maintained straight A’s during all four years of high school and wants both school and swimming to remain a part of her life.

“I plan to swim and study electrical engineering at Georgia Southern University next fall,” she said. “After that, I am just excited to see where life will take me.”

Jenna Maloy with Riverside teammates at the 2019-20 state swim meet.
Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Moreno

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