2020 Election Day Coverage, Updates

This post starts with a prolonged infographic on what this election is and what it means. Scroll to the bottom (and refresh this page) to see election results as they come in!

Reload this page over the course of Election day and Results will be posted below with a time stamp as soon as they come in!

As of 11 pm. Eastern time (11/3), here is a snapshot of the results.

Provided by the Google interface of the Associated Press

So far, no states have flipped from the way they were called in 2016. Namely, the three swing states that the Biden’s campaign expects to win to put him over the 270 electoral votes, only have about 30% of the votes each.

As of 9 am EST, (11/5) the election still has not been called.

Above is the result as of right now. Ballots are still being counted in many states, but all eyes are on NV, GA, NC, and PA as the races in these states continue to tighten as more ballots are counted. Based on the map from the AP, Biden only needs to win one of these 4 states to win the presidency. More ballot data is expected to come in later today and even over the weekend, much to the dismay of the American public, who are eager for a final result.

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