Riverside Welcomes Elizabeth Wagner

By: Cristela Vargas-Delgado

This year Riverside welcomes new Spanish teacher Elizabeth Wagner. 

Wagner was born in Durham but raised in Raleigh. She attended UNCW and got her bachelor’s degree along with her teaching license.  

“I feel like you can never learn enough,” Wagner said, “so being able to give that to someone else and increase their knowledge on a subject or topic that they don’t know so much about is one of the best parts about teaching.” 

Wagner decided to work for Riverside because of her location and proximity to family and friends.

“I love the atmosphere,” she said. “It’s an inclusive school, and it’s a school where they take pride in their diversity, and take pride in supporting their students and teachers. It’s important to work in an environment where I feel like I will be supportive and Riverside did that for me.”

This school year is Wagner’s first year teaching, and she has to do it online due to COVID-19. 

“Not being able to build connections and being able to see how your students are is the hardest part about teaching with this online teaching,” she said. 

During her free time Wagner enjoys watching TV shows on Netflix. She also likes going to the movies and is always on the lookout to see when new movies come out. She also loves concerts and music. 

“I like a little bit of everything,” she said. “My favorite band is Maroon 5, but I don’t like country music. I try but it’s not my style of music.”

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