#LifeWithout: Friends and Family

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Since this pandemic has started and school has been closed, things have been weird, and have been hard to get used to. The main struggle I’ve faced is not being able to see my friends and family. 

It feels weird only being around my mom, dad, brother, and sister. Don’t get me wrong, it’s safer to quarantine, but I miss seeing people in person rather than online. I would be lying if I said I didn’t like not having to go school though, I feel it’s better this way. 

We as a society need to realize that Covid isn’t something to play with, and even if it may seem like it’s not as bad anymore that’s no reason to stop wearing masks and spread the disease or put others at risk. At the start of the pandemic I hated being isolated from others, but now I learned to adapt to this new lifestyle. I’ve also learned to live without seeing peers, friends, and family. 

One way I’ve kept a mutual standing with my friends is with social media platforms like instagram, tiktok, snapchat, etc. Playing on the Ps4 with friends is another way I’ve adapted to this quarantine. As family goes, I feel like I’ve missed out on important functions, cookouts, and funerals, but I stayed safe in the process. I wanted to go to my recently passed cousin’s funeral but I didn’t, mainly because I want to stay safe, especially when covid numbers rise I want to take care of my health and the others around me. 

In conclusion, I think quarantine has opened my eyes to a new way of living, a way of living which I don’t see friends and family personally but rather through social media or rare occurrences. This way of living is better for the current pandemic because interactions are limited which mean less of a spread of Covid and being at home allows more freedom and safety. 

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