#LifeWithout: Coffee shops

Social distancing has taken a lot of personal comforts and experiences from everyone, and it can be difficult to adjust. One of the things I miss most is studying in coffee shops. I used to buy the largest possible coffee at whatever shop I was at and use my nice pens to annotate and struggle through math problems, but it was okay because no matter how much I didn’t like the math, I liked my environment. Sometimes I went with friends and we would completely fail to do school work and just make fun of frilly and awkwardly named drinks on the menu and talk. Other times I went with friends and we would actually do the work, but it was better because there was company sitting with me in solidarity from the tedium. 

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Now going out in public for something as frivolous as an overpriced croissant seems irresponsible and inconsiderate, so I haven’t been since the beginning of March. I still sometimes get takeout coffee and boba, but I miss the atmosphere of coffee shops. An overstuffed armchair at my house is boring, but an overstuffed armchair somewhere else is a change of scenery. I also miss seeing my friends in casual settings and not worrying that I would accidentally get them sick. 

I am not talented enough to make cafe quality lattes, and my playlists are too disjointed to have the calming energy of a coffee shop. However, I can still zoom my friends to talk, study, or work on college applications. I can still order drinks online. I can still go work at a park for a change of scenery. It is even more a privilege to live comfortably like that now than it was then, and I am glad that I do not have to give up all the little things that bring me joy in order to be safe. I can pick up takeout in a mask, and I can be at least six feet away from my friends, and I can afford a house to live and work in. I did not have to give up my sense of connectedness, only shift what it meant to me to be connected.

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