Hannah Swims All The Way to Guilford

Hannah Lambeth, a 17-year-old competitive swimmer, has been swimming since she was little, training day after day, all in order to achieve her dream. 

Lambeth has been competitively swimming for three years at Riverside High School, playing a big role in the team and their success. On Friday 14th, Lambeth got signed to Guilford College, making her swimming dreams come true.  “I feel great about it, still kinda nervous to see how I’ll do but I’m going to try my best. That is all I can do.” Even as an amazing swimmer, Lambeth still has many goals she’s striving to achieve every day. “My goal is to do good and place in my college swim meets and drop time in every event I do.” 

As successful as Lambeth has been, she couldn’t have done this without the help of her coaches, Coach Elizabeth Moreno and Coach Gabrielle Tucker. “[They] inspire me to take swim more seriously and that I could go to college for it. I saw that they believed in me and that made me believe [in] myself.” Lambeth states that Coach Moreno pushed her to be the best swimmer she could be and Coach Tucker always knew the right things to say to her so she wouldn’t give up. “I’m going to miss them once I graduate!” Lambeth is also very thankful for and inspired by her teammates, “Ryan Weaver, Ben Smith, and Jenna inspire me and I look up to them, they are such great swimmers I hope to be as good as them one day!”

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