Student Spotlight: Benjamin Brimer

Senior Benjamin Brimer is well on his way to living out his childhood dream.

“When I was really little, I wanted to be a rockstar someday,” he said, “so I picked up the guitar and I just really liked the music, so I kept going.” 

Along with guitar, Brimer plays the piano, drums, mallets, and saxophone.

Not only is Brimer in the band at Riverside, but he’s also in the Riverside Jazz Quartet, an All-District band at Panther Creek, and is going to be playing at the Sharp Nine Gallery – a jazz club run by co-founder and director Dave Finucane.

Steven Mann, Riverside’s band teacher, has taught Brimer since his freshman year.

“He’s been a phenomenal musician since I met him,” Mann said, “but I feel like he’s made the most growth in being more assertive. He stands out because of his talent as a musician, obviously, but also he’s very humble.”

For example, Mann has seen Brimer sit at the lunch table with isolated students. 

“He’s got an eye out for the little guy,” Mann said, “which I think makes him special.” 

Art is a huge part of Brimer’s life. He also enjoys painting and drawing.

“It’s an outlet for creativity and I like that a lot,” he said.

Brimer isn’t looking for a career in music but he never wants to stop playing.

“I definitely want to keep playing gigs for the rest of my life and playing in front of audiences.”

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