The Mann of the hour

The Riverside band has a great legacy, and that’s all thanks to Steve Mann. 

Mann has been at Riverside since the beginning of the 2010 school year. Originally from Bluffton, Indiana, he attended Ball state University and studied music education. 

Mann has always wanted to teach music. 

“Music is something that I enjoy and im good at,” he said “So the combination of enjoying music and helping people is what made me a band teacher.”

One of Mann’s role models is Nate McMillan, who is the Head coach for the Indiana pacers. Mann’s most proud achievement since being here since 2010 came this past fall when the band placed third in the 2A class at Cary Band Day. 

He loves his job, but there’s one thing that he wishes was different. 

“I wish that kids had more room in their schedule to take band,” he said. 

Mann plays 3 instruments: trumpet, french horn, and guitar. His favorite music of all is classical, then rock and finally blues.  


by Xavier Harris 


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