Riverside celebrates Black History Month

Faculty members and student organizations celebrated Black History Month with a blast of events.

Black Student Union made Instagram posts that included facts and quotes about African American achievements every day of Black History Month.

Daniel Kearns, an English teacher who is new to Riverside, came up with the idea to announce African American achievements each morning during on the announcements.

“I feel that as a school we applaud and praise everything except for Black History Month,” said Kearns. “I feel like at least educating students with some sort of facts every morning isn’t enough, but it’s definitely a start.

Dance teacher Kristin Duncan held a heritage assembly that highlighted black family traditions, superheroes and moving from segregation to unification, among other things.

The show will include many types of performances, including dance, theater, and chorus.

“It’s an array of disciplines from the arts and from organizations around the school,” said Duncan.

In the front of the school there was a poster that celebrated African American innovations & inventors.

The B.O.S.S club also organized a door decorating contest. Students and faculty decorated classroom doors to celebrate African American culture.

EC teacher assistance Karen Scoggins and her students created a calendar that described a different African American achievement every day of the month.

“I had done it before & i thought it would be fun for the kids to look at,” said Scoggins. “I got the idea from a teacher I worked with at another school and the students did the cards last year.”

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