Bridge To Improve Security

bridgephoto2Durham Public Schools (DPS) is building a bridge in front of the building’s main entrance to make Riverside safer for staff and students.  

 The bridge was first going to be a vestibule, but space became an issue and the district changed its plan to a bridge instead, according to assistant principal Ashley Stevens

Main office secretary Kathy Cowan thinks  the bridge will make the school safer because it will force visitors who enter the building to go straight to the office instead of walking into the school.

Craig Carlson said all DPS schools are improving campus security.

“ throughout Durham  public schools will soon be receiving some great type of safety upgrade for staff and students,” assistant principal Craig Carlson said.  

CE Jordan High School will soon complete a similar project  around its main entrance.

The RHS bridge is supposed to be finished some time in October or November. assistant principal Kadeidra Carr said it has been a very slow process lately.

“The bridge will have a very nice, covered top and railings on the side of the bridge for safety reasons and a glass door as the entrance,” Cowan said.  

Some students think the bridge will disrupt school at first. ,  “The bridge is a distraction right now because it looks cool and all the kids focus on it walking into the building,” said Tina cole, who works in the front office. “But later on I think it will be a great thing for safety.”

Assistant principal Ashley Stephens said that she hopes that the bridge will make students more accountable for skipping. Students will no longer be able to use  the front entrance way to leave campus.

“If  students try to leave campus it would be harder for them,” Stephens said. “You are not great when you skip.”

Many teachers are excited about the project.

“The bridge will be a great change for the school and staff,” said social studies teacher Janet Heape.


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