Offensive lineman Dremel Langston signs letter of intent to play football at Guilford College

Langston stands with his mother and coaches after signing a letter of intent to play football at Guilford College. Photo by Jaden Butler

Senior Offensive Lineman Dremel Langston signed a letter of intent last Wednesday to play football at Guilford College next fall. 

His mother, Shrita Childress, sat next to him while Riverside teachers, coaches, and administrators looked on as he committed to the North Carolina college.

Riverside Athletic Director Robert Duncan shared his excitement for Langston’s future. 

“It’s great for a young man like Dremel to have the opportunity to play football at the next level,” Duncan said. “He’s taken the right steps and done the right amount of work to do so.” 

“Since freshman year, Dremel has done nothing but prove how bad he wants this opportunity,” said defensive coordinator Greg Greene.

Emotions were running high for everyone involved. 

“I’m so proud of my Dremel,” Childress said. “I don’t even have words. We’ve come a long way together…. God has truly blessed him, and I thank coaches as well. It takes a village to raise a child; this is proof right here.”

Langston signing his letter of intent next to his mother. He will play for the Guilford Quakers next fall. Photo by Jaden Butler

Langston’s next destination, Guilford College, is a Division III NCAA school whose football team has competed since 1893. 

“Man, it just feels good,” he said. “I’m excited. I’m not nervous, but I’m excited; I’m just really excited.” 

Langston hopes his commitment inspires others to play at the college level and offered words of advice for his underclassmen teammates. 

“Just put in the work, man,” he said. “Make sure your grades are good. You can’t mess around with your grades. The pain, it’s gonna go away eventually. Just keep your head down, try, and it’s going to pay off.”

LeRon Divers-Childs also contributed to this report.

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