On March 7, The Pirates’ Hook staff visited Durham Tech’s downtown campus and spoke with Japanese exchange students from Toyama, Japan.

For two weeks the Japanese students took classes  Durham Tech, where they learned about English and other aspects of American culture.

“Durham was very welcoming, but in general America is really dirty,” said 19-year-old Yuji.

Some students shared strong opinions about President Donald Trump.  

“ I don’t like Donald Trump because he has to many mistakes and problems,” said 19-year-old Akino.

The students loved watching American TV, especially Netflix movies and shows.

“In my free time I enjoy watching 13 Reasons Why, playing Battlefield, and [practicing] Japanese fencing,” Yuji said.

Students watched a lot of basketball while they were in Durham.

“I went to a Duke game and I saw both the women’s and men’s basketball teams,“ said 19-year-old Yuta.

Several students noted that hugging is very popular in America, and that it’s considered a weird thing to do in Japan.  But they share alove for American music.

“I like K-pop but I don’t really like Twice,” said Yuta. “But I do really like Ariana Grande.”

Akino noticed that Americans dress differently and not by the form of their body shape.

“Americans do not match up the form of their body to their clothes as well,” she said.

Students also noticed that American are not like Japanese schools.

“Teaching in Japan is very different than here in America,” said Yuta.  “There is a lot more homework.”

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