You’ll Never Believe What Happens When You Shop In-Store

Do NOT get with the times

Do you remember the feeling of purchasing a new game when you were just a kid? How exhilarating it was to finally lay your hands on the precious copy that you couldn’t wait to get home to play. It’s memories like these convince me that buying in-store is the best option. It will always be an option no matter what other options you have available.

Since the inception of an economy in any civilization, there has been shopping. Whether it be shopping for papyrus in the time of the ancient Egyptians, or as recent as going to best buy to get the new iPhone that was just released. As much as these products may change, one thing that does not is the way in which it is purchased. No matter what era you are in, in-store shopping will always be the best option for making a purchase.

For thousands of years people have gone out to get their goods from local merchants and it has always been the best way to buy. When purchasing online consumers are often misled and deceived into thinking that what you are buying is something spectacular when in reality it is cheap, sub-par, and an overall a waste of money. On the other hand when you buy in-store it includes a level of security for what you buy, such as the actual size, quality, and immediate satisfaction of owning what you purchased.

When shopping online, you wait all week long, or even sometimes longer. When shopping in-store, it happens in real time. I could not imagine having to wait long for a brand new vinyl to come in so i can listen to it on my record player only to find out that it has warped while it was in transportation. So now I have to go through the hassle of shipping it back to get a refund and wasting my time, all because it was 1 or 2 dollars cheaper online.

In a poll conducted in Mr. Smith’s AP English 3 class, out of 16 students, 14 preferred to shop for things in store as opposed to the 2 that prefer online shopping. This itself is evidence that saying Generation Z kids prefer to shop online because it is easier is just a myth.

It is obvious that many students and teachers still prefer buying in person. There are major benefits to buying in person and in local shops. Instead of giving your money to Amazon, buying local helps support Durham businesses. It boosts the economy and wealth of the city. That itself is enough reason to buy in person and in local shops. With all the chaos happening in today’s financially volatile society, contributing to local merchants is the least we can do to help.

But when the twenty-first century began 18 years ago, there was a massive change in everyday lifestyle. The emergence of online shopping has changed the way people purchase goods and services. Some may say it is better because of how convenient it is and that it is cheaper. Although paying a little bit more to get it in person lets you know what you are wasting your hard earned money on.

Even if you prefer the convenience of buying online there are many negative effects as a result of doing so. Just the packaging itself takes a toll on the earth along with the fuel needed to deliver items. The packages use plastics, such as bubble wrap, which take a toll as they are rarely recycled and could be put to better use. Although, there are some world leaders that do not believe in this urgent problem…it is not going to go away. If we do not help the earth recover from the environmental menace that is online shipping and delivery, we won’t be there to witness earth’s recovery because we’ll be dead.


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