Our teachers deserve a shout-out

Entering the 2021 school year after learning virtually has brought some unique challenges for many students. Chromebooks on their last leg, adjusting to classrooms during a pandemic, major staff turnover- even the principal left before Christmas. 

A lot has happened this year but it hasn’t all been negative. Some staff members made this switch back to in-person a lot easier for students. 

Media center coordinators Tara Gold and Jenna Wine. Not only do Dr. Gold and Ms. Wine have complete control over the media center but they also fulfill the role of ‘tech support’ which involves solving technical issues with the school’s laptops. 

Social Studies teacher Anna Allman. Ms. Allman’s enthusiasm in the classroom leaves students striving to come back and learn more every day. She makes sure every student is comfortable in the classroom and always reassures students of their progress. Her energy engages students and her teaching style brings the 18th century into the 21st.  

Spanish teacher Elizabeth Wagner. Ms. Wagner and her welcoming vibe always finds a way to help students out. Always open to talking with students about anything, like problems, life, etc. While carrying the wants of what’s best for her students as the days go by. Her service dog, CLAUDE, adds to this atmosphere by encouraging and redirecting students. Students are eager to continue spending time with the two of them during lunch. 

These are only a few of the many teachers who make life at Riverside better. School’s been chaotic, but students have now adjusted to learning in-person and are staying motivated with the help of the school’s faculty. The Pirates’ Hook appreciates all of the staff members working hard for students.

Dr. Gold and Ms. Wine
Ms. Wagner

Ms. Allman

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