#LifeWithout: The Gym

by: Jamel Rojas

During the pandemic I learned how to go without a lot of things. One of them is the gym.  

My dad and I would go to the gym every day after school.  He would let me drive there and back so I could get as many hours as I could for my driver’s license. But because of Covid-19, a lot of places were closed and I haven’t gotten to drive ever since.  

The gym was also one of the places me and my dad bonded. He works at the fire station, so I don’t see him every day.  He would work a 24-hour shift, then go to his second job where he would check and make sure fire extinguishers work.

So because I couldn’t go to the gym, I had to workout at home. I didn’t  mind it, I just had to figure out how me and my dad could do something else together. I started helping him more outside the house and helping him work on cars more.  We built a new trailer so when we cut down some trees in our yard we can take them to the dump. 

Then we started fishing at the Eno River and Falls Lake.  Some days we would go out running with my brother or play basketball outside. 

When Covid-19 calms down and we are able to go back to the gym we plan to start back strong and push each other to do more than we were doing before Covid-19 started.

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