Original song performance and Q&A with student artist Tai’Sean Moore

Tai’Sean Moore performs his original song “Revolutionary” in the Riverside auditorium on February 23 for African American Heritage Month. Credit: Bryan Christopher.

The Pirates’ Hook sat down with Senior Tai’Sean Moore to ask him about his experience performing his original song “Revolutionary” for the African American Heritage Month celebration.

The Pirate’s Hook (PH): Okay, first question. Just how did it feel to perform in front of so many of your peers last Thursday?

Tai’sean (T): Yeah, it was my first performance. I was pretty like nervous at first. I got through it, you know, once I started.

PH: How did you end up performing? Did you reach out to someone or did someone reach out to you? How did that end up? 

T: I am in the hip hop club in Mr. Headen’s class. He knew I rapped really good. Ms. Duncan, she asked if somebody from the hip hop club wanted to rap. She came up to me because I am literally the only one that do it. She was like “Yeah you want to do it?” and I was like “Sure.” Because like, I had music like out on all platforms. 

PH: Yeah, okay, so what inspired you to perform like when she asked you like what made you want to. 

T: Yeah, cuz I literally just released the album. So I was like yeah, let me do something to give me content for my [Instagram] page.

PH: Can you talk about some of your lyrics? What do they mean to you? 

T: I would say the song itself was a project for Ms. Jones class. I was talking about my people, being African American and talking about violence, police brutality. So I was just talking about like, the things that’s happening in our generation and how we need to like unite and be together. 

Photo of Tai’Sean Moore. Photo courtesy of Moore.

PH: Yeah, so other than it just coming out your new album. Why did you choose to perform this specific song?

T: It was mainly because Mr. Headen chose it. He’s like you should do this one. I was like okay. That one is actually not on the album, thats like a whole single. 

PH: And what’s one thing that you would want your audience to kind of take away from that performance?

T: Just listen to the different lyrics that I say and how we need to unite. We need to see the problems that are going on. 

PH: And final question, do you think Riverside’s way of celebrating Black History Month is enough? Do you think that one kind of celebration on Thursday was enough? Or do you think we could do more? 

T: Yeah we could definitely do more. 

PH: Do you have any ideas?

T: I think we should do like, almost like a field day. With food trucks and stuff with different decorations from African cultures. 

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