Students set resolutions for 2022

By Phoebe Gainey, Lana Mcllvaine and Desze Gary

Students have set many different resolutions for the new year. 

Some want to do better in school, some want to have healthier habits, and others have more personal resolutions such as spending less money and cleaning their room.

35 percent of students do not have resolutions. 34 percent have a personal resolution, 22 percent are school-related, 5 percent are sports-based, and the remaining have some other type of resolution.

Meghan Rehder wants to have healthier habits. 

“I definitely want a healthier routine,” she said. “I kind of slipped in quarantine. I feel like I want to do more exercise … and I guess skincare and studying.” 

Other students have made similar resolutions. 

“My New Year’s resolution is to eat healthy,” says Sam Ostrovsky. 

Some students have resolutions that relate more to their everyday life. Olivia Schonwalder wants to adjust her spending habits. “I want to spend less money on clothes,” she said. 

Keeping up with school work was also a common theme. Aiden Ganter doesn’t usually have a resolution, but says he wants to do well in the new semester. Ella Cohen has a similar resolution. 

“I want to make progress with my school work and my grades,” Cohen said. 

Others want to keep up with their assignments and maintain straight A’s.

A small number of students had a New Year’s resolution on sports. 

“I used to do a lot more sports before,” said Rehder. “I stopped doing gymnastics, which was a big part of my life before quarantine and it took up a lot of my time. I guess more cardio because I’m not getting the same time outside as I was before.” 

Many students said that they did not have resolutions. Savannah Louis thinks that people should wait to do something at New Years. 

“I think that if you wanted to make a change about yourself you shouldn’t really wait for a specific day,” Louis said. “It’s kind of stupid.”

Several students said they did not have a resolution and did not believe in New Year’s resolutions. 

“People don’t have New Year’s resolutions because nobody actually follows through with them,” said William Cardwell.

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