Students Hope to Return to School

The Coronavirus has delayed in-person school at least until January, and with cases rising again no one knows if students will return to school or remain online in the spring.

Sophomore Isaac Janiak Stein hopes we will be in-person for the spring, but he thinks it is unlikely. He said, “We might need a vaccine before we go back to school.”

Having a vaccine would increase the likelihood of schools reopening, but it might not be widely available until next fall. According to the World Health Organization, a vaccine isn’t 100 percent effective, either.

If students are allowed to go back in the spring, an in-person semester would look very different from other years. It’s likely only a small number of students could be in the school at a time, while the rest would learn from home. According to, the students that come to school would be required to wear masks, get temperature checks, and walk in one-way hallways and entrances.

One reason students may want to go back to school is if they do not enjoy online learning.

“I want to go back because I am not learning anything online,”said freshman Genesis Crawford. “I’m just focused on passing more than learning.” 

Coming back to school would likely mean more sports, as well, since it would then be easier due to increased access to transportation.

“I hope we do go back because of sports,” said senior Brandon Riggsbee. “If we don’t have school, we won’t have sports, and lots of people depend on sports.”

If there is a hybrid option, like some other schools are doing, that would make it easier to go back because there will be fewer people in the building. Durham Public Schools has already committed to providing distance learning through Ignite Academy for families who do not want their children back in school next semester. 

Many students predict they’ll get to choose between Ignite and some form of in-person.  

“I think we will have a choice,” said sophomore Rachel Bland. “People will be able to decide if they want to be in-person or remote.”

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